Updates - 01/01/2004
Good Cheese has moved!
It's official, GC is starting anew at WirePop. Be sure to change your links and bookmarks to http://www.goodcheese.com ! Here's the lowdown:
  • Rather than continuing the current plot, I'll be starting at the beginning and overhauling the old pages.
  • GC is still free! You will never have to pay to view the latest update.
  • Wirepop members will have access to the archives, gallery, downloads, and other goodies. For the price of a single print comic, you'll have a month's worth of unlimited access to Good Cheese as well as the other comics and goodies hosted by Wirepop.
  • Good Cheese will begin anew on Wirepop in January 2004. If you decide to join Wirepop, please mark GC as your referer! This is the best way to support GC :3

Thanks for your support! If you have any questions or comments, please head over to the forum.

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